“How high’s the water, Momma?”

It’s more than 3 feet, but I don’t think it’s rising any more.

Y’all heard about this? We’re not nearly as affected as places further South, like Garmisch-Partenkirchen, for example, but these are still some drastic changes in the landscape

Normal levels:
walking pictures 8-29 015.jpg
Levels today:


Check these out too:
dscf0031.jpg     DSCF0038.JPG     DSCF0043.JPG

2 thoughts on ““How high’s the water, Momma?””

  1. H-bomb

    Does the sun shine in Germany? It always seems drab in your pictures. I am glad that flood doesn’t affect you, cause water damage sucks!

  2. bookczuk

    Boy- those are some pretty amazing photos. Glad you are dry enough in your home, but you gotta feel for those folks who had riverfront properties…

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