What do you call a female Sheik?

Sarah and I are now the Sheikess and Sheik of Araby, respectively. Or at least The Sultan’s Bakers. We are trying out Araby Spice Cake from the cookbook my mom gave us on our first wedding anniversary.

I think we’ve got a real winner here. Photos to follow, after we frost it.

2 thoughts on “What do you call a female Sheik?”

  1. Bob Myers

    Araby Spice Cake…been a favorite of my family’s for decades. My mom gave me the recipe and I always wondered where it came from. The 1950 Betty Crocker cookbook seems logical. It’s not in the later cookbooks. I love the cake and I’ve never met anybody else who knew the recipe.

    Found you from google.

  2. Zaid

    A female Shiek (more accurately spelled and pronounced “Shaykh”) is a SHAYKHA

What's your take on it?

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