Bozen Pics up, wish we could call and tell you about it

I’ve posted our pictures from our trip to Bozen, Italy, along with a short description of the stuff we did there: link

In other news, we switched from Telekom to Arcor for more DSL bang for our €uro, but a side effect of that was that our phone service has gotten knocked out temporarily. The Arcor people said it’s Telekom’s fault. The Telekom dude came to check and said it’s the equipment that Arcor sent me which is causing the problem. If you have tried to reach us since Tuesday morning, your connection didn’t go through because of this outage. Sorry about that. I am hoping to get this resolved early next week.

Good to know that red tape is an international phenomenon.

Bozen (Bolzano) trip, September 2005

We spent a long weekend in Bozen, Italy (map). We had a nice time tromping around in Ritten, but I think you can see from the pictures how much nicer it would have been had the weather been cooperative. While it was raining, we went to a modern art museum (which was kind of weird, but it was nice to have the whole exhibition to ourselves) and stopped in to visit Ötzi. Still, we enjoyed ourselves and were glad to take advantage of the train specials — €39 per person each way.

Check out the “Erd-Pyramiden” in the pictures especially. We took those photos from Ritten after taking the train up there from Soprabolzano (Oberbozen), which we reached via cable car.

Next time, are thinking about driving it. The view of the mountain passes from inside the train were breath taking. As luck would have it, the weather on both of our travel days would have been great for tromping around up in the hills.

Click on any picture below to view the whole set.