Email annoyances

Hi all,

Lately our hosting company for the domain has been having trouble with email. Messages sent to us at have been going missing – moreso even for Sarah than for me. If you need to reach us via email, please do so using the same addresses as before, just replacing the cliff1976.**com** part with cliff1976.**net**. Thanks in advance for the hassle of updating your address books. Or use our gmail addresses, if you know those. They work just fine.

Shout out to ol’ Phil

Long-time pal and former roommate [Phil]( “Phil – yeah, your old pal Phil from OU”) is looking for some help in choosing a song for his band [Just Off Turner]( to cover. There’s a [contest]( and everything. Though I suspect the satisfaction of having won is worth more than the prize itself (at current market value – maybe when they hit it big, eBay’ll offer a more attractive price).

Note: to post your suggestions, I mean contest entries, you’ll have to become a member. No big deal though – it’s free, and I’ve never received any spam from them that I know of.