I guess we took a bath on this one…

…literally. We’ve been having a very occasional drip problem from the shower down into the master bedroom below. We could never force it to happen, though – it has always been at inopportune times. To date, it has only happened twice. I finally found some cracks in the grout in our shower and showed them to our landlady. She is certain that those are the source of the drips and wants to repair the grout. *A week from tomorrow.*

This might be more than you wanted to know about us, but then again probably not a big surprise. We are every-day showerers. I get the impression that that is not the case for most of the natives here — come visit some warm summer day and take a big whiff of the random person next to you on the bus or at the shopping mall.

Fortunately, we have a large bathtub in our bathroom for use during that time. I say this as though it’s a new development, but it’s been there the whole time we’ve lived here. I think Sarah’s used it twice since we moved here and I am sure I never have. We mostly use it as a laundry hamper or a place for storing the potted plants that were gifts from people who didn’t know that we can’t keep anything green alive for very long. So now for at least the next week, we are going to be bath people, or smelly people.

I guess I’d take a bath over grossing myself out, but just barely. How can anyone (and these people exist, we’ve done some checking) actually *prefer* to take a bath over shower? Or soak and scrub in the tub and then not rinse the “you stew” off under the shower? Maybe the hassle of taking a bath combined with the new-fangledness of showering is the reason that there seem to be a lot more people here who are oblivious to their own funk.

2 thoughts on “I guess we took a bath on this one…”

  1. Carrie

    In theory, I like taking baths more than showering. The thing I hate more than baths, though, is CLEANING the bathtub, which is the main preventative to me taking more baths. Currently, we need to snake our drain, because right now when the water drains from the tub, little gritties are left behind from the drain, which makes taking baths kinda gross. Anyway, the main thing that I have an issue with is BATHING. I like to be clean, tis true, and I try to do some type of bathing daily, be it even washing with cloth and water. But bathing really irritates me until about 1 minute before I get out, after having JUST gotten used to the water, so it’s pretty much a waste. At least a bath is more like swimming, which is a generally relaxing activity. I think if I could, I’d prefer to do the “washing in the waterfall-y stream” thing, but that opens a whole other can of worms… NAKED worms.

  2. Cliff

    I’m getting more used to the whole bathing (vs. showering) thing. What I’m going to have to get used to is going into work feeling kinda dirty, or at least not as clean as I could be.

    I like the soaky relaxy part of baths — so much so that I just can’t do a bath in the morning before work, because I’ll never arrive. So I’m bathing at night now, and desperately trying some way to fight my morning bedhead. Even my helmet can’t quell it. It will not be contained!

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