Cliff is one of the people in your Philberhood

Well, isn’t that nice? I got a nice write-up from good buddy Phil on his blog over at As you will read, Phil and I have been pals since freshman orientation at OU back in the day (circa July 1994).

Sarah I and were talking about long-term friendships and stuff last night, and we realized…wait for it…we’ve been shacking up for five whole years as of December 27! I bet my mom prefers to focus on the time period starting, oh, mid-February 2004 or so, but we keep different kinds of records between each other, like

  • when we first met online
  • when we first met in person
  • when we moved in together (remember that ordeal, Narg & Sara?)
  • when we got married
  • when we moved overseas

I guess that’s our most recent recurring celebration. What are yours?

Criminy, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!

Last week on Friday we had some freaky weather — it was sunny, first of all (which was very weird since it feels like we haven’t seen the sun since October), and then dark and cloudy, then rainy, then came big fluffy snowflakes, and then rain again. Just my luck, I was on my bike headed to/from work during both rain sessions.

But I still wasn’t expecting full-on snowy rooves this weekend. I snapped these pictures a couple of minutes ago. I’m hopeful that all this stuff on the tops of the buildings isn’t indicative of the street conditions below. Slush makes for an unpleasant bike ride.

snowy construction site snowy Protestants