Cliff is one of the people in your Philberhood

Well, isn’t that nice? I got a nice write-up from good buddy Phil on his blog over at As you will read, Phil and I have been pals since freshman orientation at OU back in the day (circa July 1994).

Sarah I and were talking about long-term friendships and stuff last night, and we realized…wait for it…we’ve been shacking up for five whole years as of December 27! I bet my mom prefers to focus on the time period starting, oh, mid-February 2004 or so, but we keep different kinds of records between each other, like

  • when we first met online
  • when we first met in person
  • when we moved in together (remember that ordeal, Narg & Sara?)
  • when we got married
  • when we moved overseas

I guess that’s our most recent recurring celebration. What are yours?

One thought on “Cliff is one of the people in your Philberhood”

  1. Carrie

    It doesn’t count as shacking up after you actually got married. :-)

    Nate and I met online “way back” in, um, 2003. Then we met each other in August, 2004. Then we moved in together “lots of months later” (3) in November, 2004. Our anniversary of shackin’ up is coming up in three days. We count our anniversary, though, as the day we first got together because we knew we were going to be together from that day on, corny but true, so considering that date, we have a whopping 15 months under our belts, nearly to the day.

    15 months down… a bazillion to go. WEEEEEE-OOOOOO! (No, seriously… WEEEEEE-OOOOOO!)

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