inventive baking

Sarah’s taking the written part of her big German test as we speak (the oral part is next week). I wanted to bake something nice for her to express my pride in her having come this far with her German skills, but we’re low on groceries and we had agreed to meet up after her test for lunch and to do some grocery shopping. So it didn’t make sense for me go out shopping and come back, bake, and go out shopping again. So I took inventory.

  • all the flour and sugar we’d need
  • 5 or 6 eggs
  • half a box of frozen blueberries
  • almost no shortening left
  • absolutely no millk

So, I had to improvise. Blueberry muffins came to mind first, but those were kind of a pain last time. I’m no good at dumping batter into the muffin cups and **only** the muffin cups. But what was I to do without enough shortening or any milk?

I needed 1/2 cup of milk and I was about 20g short of … uh, shortening. I substituted in butter for the shortening and coffee cream for the milk, and I figured that since I’d be doing them in a bundt pan instead of muffin cups, I’d have to do bake the temperature off a bit and increase the baking time. I was right. It actually turned out to be pretty good:

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What's your take on it?

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