The Everest

The Joint

41 Craven Road
London W2 3BX


This was a little place quite near our apartment at Apartments Apart that we spotted on the way to/from Paddington Station. The staff was quite friendly and the food was good and relatively cheap. My only complaint was that the quantities were so small; especially given the fact that the portions of rice were not included in the entrée.


The staff here was so friendly and this was my first step into London’s Indian cuisine scene. I wasn’t disappointed by the food, but I was rather shocked at the tiny portion size and the fact that rice or naan bread doesn’t come with a meal – everything is a la carte. Given how expensive London is, I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise, but I was thinking in terms of how food in restaurants is served in Germany (hugely). Just a difference we needed to note for future reference!

Greetings from Hamburg

Hi all!

Hamburg is a really neat town. It reminds us a lot of Boston in some ways. It seems a lot more modern than other places we’ve visited (like pretty much most of Bavaria). I suppose that’s due in large part to bombings during World War II, but it seems like there have been pretty destructive fires in large parts of the city not connected to wars. So that’s good. I guess.

We have been very busy taking in the sights and smells:

  • a spice museum in the warehouse district out on the canals
  • the [St. Michaelis]( church
  • a harbor tour
  • a bus tour around the city
  • visited countless Christkindlmarktplätze

I’m writing from an internet cafe on our last day here before we head to London. We’re in a part of town where the university is and we’re headed to an art museum next. Then, if we have time before heading out to the airport, we’re headed to [Miniatur Wunderland]( — a museum containing the world’s largest model train setup.

I’ll try to write again from London and I’ll post photos on the Regensblog when we get back.

Cliff and Sarah on a harbor tour in Hamburg