The Joint

37 Great Queen street
London WC2B 5AA


The main waiter seemed annoyed that we were there, and the entire staff seemed like they had something better to do. We got hit twice with upsell tactics and the food itself was rather weak on flavor. I had the Kabab Afghani and Funky Pie ice cream dessert, which was a joke. It was served rock-hard out of their freezer. I’d say skip this place altogether. We were only there because we wanted some Indian food close to the theater where we’d just seen The Producers.


This place sucks. Nothing else to say about it.

But seriously, how can you resist trying something called ‘Funky Pie?’


Hey all,

We made it to London. I felt sorry for the lady from apartments apart waiting for us to arrive, because our plane from Hamburg was delayed more than 30 minutes last night. So she had to wait long after normal business hours for us to arrive. Fortunately, walking to the place from Paddington Station was a snap.

I’m writing from an internet cafe down the street from our apartment. Sarah’s planning our shopping trip (she desperately needs lip balm) prior to our viewing of The Producers this afternoon. After that, our schedule is wide open. I want to take advantage of our three-day travel card and explore. Maybe the Salvador Dali art museum.

If you’re ever in London and bewildered by the public transportation options, step right up to the ticket windows at a big station like Victoria or Paddington and tell them what you need. They’ll very patiently explain the options to you and make a recommendation. Loved that. Much thanks to the guy who helped us last night!

The Everest

The Joint

41 Craven Road
London W2 3BX


This was a little place quite near our apartment at Apartments Apart that we spotted on the way to/from Paddington Station. The staff was quite friendly and the food was good and relatively cheap. My only complaint was that the quantities were so small; especially given the fact that the portions of rice were not included in the entrée.


The staff here was so friendly and this was my first step into London’s Indian cuisine scene. I wasn’t disappointed by the food, but I was rather shocked at the tiny portion size and the fact that rice or naan bread doesn’t come with a meal – everything is a la carte. Given how expensive London is, I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise, but I was thinking in terms of how food in restaurants is served in Germany (hugely). Just a difference we needed to note for future reference!

Greetings from Hamburg

Hi all!

Hamburg is a really neat town. It reminds us a lot of Boston in some ways. It seems a lot more modern than other places we’ve visited (like pretty much most of Bavaria). I suppose that’s due in large part to bombings during World War II, but it seems like there have been pretty destructive fires in large parts of the city not connected to wars. So that’s good. I guess.

We have been very busy taking in the sights and smells:

  • a spice museum in the warehouse district out on the canals
  • the [St. Michaelis]( church
  • a harbor tour
  • a bus tour around the city
  • visited countless Christkindlmarktplätze

I’m writing from an internet cafe on our last day here before we head to London. We’re in a part of town where the university is and we’re headed to an art museum next. Then, if we have time before heading out to the airport, we’re headed to [Miniatur Wunderland]( — a museum containing the world’s largest model train setup.

I’ll try to write again from London and I’ll post photos on the Regensblog when we get back.

Cliff and Sarah on a harbor tour in Hamburg

Old Commercial Room

The Joint

Englische Planke 10
20459 Hamburg

phone: +49 40 – 366319
fax: +49 40 – 366814


After reading about the famous Labskaus in Frommer’s and learning that this restaurant offers a certificate to anyone who orders it, I had to try it out for myself.

Here’s the certificate:


I witnessed the Labskaus and it looked repulsive. But Cliff seemed to like it. Much like Mikey from the Life cereal ads, he’ll eat pretty much anything. But the Old Commercial Room itself was pretty nice in a kitschy way. The prices weren’t kitschy, though. I did have a lovely meal of chicken and blaukraut, red cabbage shredded and cooked into a sweet, sauerkraut-like dish.

we survived the birfday dinner

Whew, what a weekend.

We spent all day Saturday shopping for and cooking wonderful-smelling things (see this post for a hint) including a return to an old favorite, pineapple upside-down cake. Then we put all the perishables into big ol’ bowls and parked them outside on our dwarf balcony (I guess it’s good for something after all, for part of the year at least) until Sunday.

Sunday was a whirlwind of clean-up and prep actitivity. We’d never done dinner for seven (Natasha, Tommy, Michael, Tammy, Matthias, and us) before, so we had to figure out the logistics of the Cobaugh dinner table within the space of our dining room. It worked out OK, I guess, but I think that seven diners is a stretch. We really need a bigger table if we’re going to do dinner for seven again. Six would be OK though.

To top it off, for the first time ever, we had a reasonable place for our guests to hang their coats and hats and scarves and gloves and stuff:

our magical coat hook

Sarah and I bought that rack of hooks over a year ago and then never installed it. So we took 15 minutes on Sunday afternoon and just did it. We really should have done that a long time ago.

I think Sarah and I were really we impressed that we pulled off the whole meal:

  1. salad
  2. garlic bread
  3. pasta and the sauce
  4. several kinds of red wine (thanks to Tommy and Natasha for bringing a bottle along)
  5. pineapple upside-down cake
  6. [*Eiswein*]( “What’s that?”) (from Aldi)
  7. coffee (French-pressed espresso beans and 12% fat coffee cream make for unusually rich coffee)

It was a ton of work, but it was very satisfying at the end of it all. Maybe there’s hope for us yet. ;-)