we’re comin’ back to Michigan for a visit!

Big news, folks!

Our good pals Narg and Carrie Jo are getting married (as previously noted) and have set a date. Being the Best Man and all, I am obligated to attend. So look for us in the Detroit area either the week before or the week after October 22nd, 2006. We’ll post details when we’ve purchased airline tickets and have locked in our plans.

P.S. — If you got a notification today about a test message for Tammy from the ol’ Regensblog, that was an ID10T error…meaning, I pressed the wrong button while helping our pal Tammy explore the wonderful world of WordPress blogging earlier this afternoon. Sorry for the disturbance.

6 thoughts on “we’re comin’ back to Michigan for a visit!”

  1. H-bomb

    Can’t wait to see you guys! I am penciling y’all in my calendar now since I missed you last time around.

  2. Mom

    Good news! Already told G&G. Look for good airfares!

  3. TC

    And when exactly is the 9th anniversary of your 21st b-day ?
    Does it line up with your visit ?

  4. Dad

    Lookin’ forward to a little skeet and trap shooting………….

  5. Cliff

    Sadly, the moon will not be in the seventh house; nor will Jupiter align with Mars. I was hoping to do two weddings, a birthday, and Thanksgiving all in one trip, but it didn’t work out that way. I have a lot of vacation, but not *that* much vacation.

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