Ich hab’ meine Prüfung GESCHAFFT!!!

Which translates to: I passed my test!!! I am so relieved – I seriously thought I was going to bite it after the oral test, but I seem to have squeeked by! Woo-HOO!!!

4 thoughts on “Ich hab’ meine Prüfung GESCHAFFT!!!”

  1. Tammy

    Awesome!! And I must say, there was no squeaking on the test. Your German is still MUCH better than my pidgeon version.

  2. Dad

    Good Goin’ Sarah! I’m sure you are relieved. I hope I can bring my Spanish up to the level of your German :)

  3. Mom

    Freuhliche Weinachten! It’s the only happy thing that I can remember.

  4. Carrie

    WOOOOOOOO!!!!! Go Sarah, Go sarah. It’s ya berfday. Have a paaaarty.

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