booked for Michigan in October!

So, after the boss man approved my trip request, Sarah and I met up at the Regensburg VHS to get our weekly dose of physical and emotional stretching and relaxation in and then came home to purchase a flight. Sarah and I are pretty happy with the price we found — just over a thousand Euros for the two of us including all airport fees and taxes. Our flight leaves so early that taking a train and bus down to the airport like we usually do will be out of the question. We’re going to have to take the AirportLiner for an additional cost of around €50 total, but that’s cheaper than getting a hotel in Munich somewhere!

So if you live in, or plan to be near Detroit between October 15 and October 25, 2006, pencil us in (McNeely-Pendletons get first dibs, since they missed out last time).

Long-term Planning

We’re going to be purchasing our tickets to come to Detroit in October today, so if anyone has anything they want to discuss with us about the trip, please e-mail us. That way we can get everything squared away before we actually purchase.

We also need some help from any potential visitors. Cliff’s work has thrown down the gauntlet and asked all of the people in his office to submit time-off requests for the rest of the year by February 10. I really did think we were the only ones that planned things that far in advance. We just need some input from anyone that is considering a trip to see us in order to budget Cliff’s days off as efficiently as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!!