Long-term Planning

We’re going to be purchasing our tickets to come to Detroit in October today, so if anyone has anything they want to discuss with us about the trip, please e-mail us. That way we can get everything squared away before we actually purchase.

We also need some help from any potential visitors. Cliff’s work has thrown down the gauntlet and asked all of the people in his office to submit time-off requests for the rest of the year by February 10. I really did think we were the only ones that planned things that far in advance. We just need some input from anyone that is considering a trip to see us in order to budget Cliff’s days off as efficiently as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

One thought on “Long-term Planning”

  1. Carrie

    Thank you two again for being so cool to arrange a hella’ ‘spensive trip to come be in the wedding and alla’ that. It means a bunch to Nate and a bunch to me, too. Besides, I need someone to wake Nate up the date of the wedding. You can wet willie him or do whatever it takes to get him up on time. :-)

    You two are neat.

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