late dinner with a great soundtrack

Walnut Romano Pasta Sauce

That’s a link to the sauce we just made and chowed down on. It’s a late dinner tonight, mostly because I took two, count ’em **two** 4-hour naps today. I’ve been run ragged by work, trying to get to and depart from the office during daylight hours and also clocking overtime from home. I think all of that has caught up with me, such that I just couldn’t stay awake today (though I woke up at 6:30 and went grocery shopping between 12:45 and 14:00).

So it’s a late dinner, and a mighty tasty one, augmented by grooves from KT Tunstall (

Sarah discovered her at the gym on the muzak and then saw the video for “Suddenly I See” — which was weird, because usually MTV Germany and Viva play nothing but crap. She kind of reminds me of a good mix between Snorah Jones and Joan Osborne (whom I’ve grown to appreciate a lot more lately — thanks Phil and Malge!). What are the hipsters in the States saying about her, if anything?

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  1. Phil

    There’s a lot of buzz around KT Tunstall – Her album was just released here, across the pond, on Feburary 7th – so Americans haven’t had as much time to digest her. I gave her a listen but need to revisit her; I wasn’t really paying attention.

    As for Joan Osborne: Nothing beats her ‘Relish’ album for me (St. Theresa & Ladder being my faves) – I haven’t paid much attention to her since (though I did see her perform with the Funk Bros for a Motown show a couple of years ago – excellent). Thanks for the shout-out – Your memory still astounds.

  2. Cliff

    St. Theresa is good, as is just about every track on there (barring “One Of Us”, ironically), but my faves are “Spider Web”, “Right Hand Man”, and “Let’s Just Get Naked.” The last two are just so *dirty* and *gritty*. I love the long, slow glides onto pitch as if she were a vocal beer-bottle-slide guitar combination.

    That kind of thing annoys me most of the time, but there are few artists who can pull it off (Rufus Wainright is another one). It’s like shooting the moon in Hearts — if you do it 100% right, the pay-off is great, but just one little inconsistency means you’re the big loser.

  3. Cliff

    Oh yeah, and further on the KT Tunstall topic: I’ve noticed a distinct lack of mandolin on several tracks on her album where it seems like it would be a beautiful fit. Do you agree?

  4. Phil

    You’ve forced me to listen to it again, haven’t you? 6500 miles away and you’re still pulling my strings…

    I don’t know – I usually associate mandolin with more acoustic outings. On the whole, this is a heavier album than I would expect to hear mondo mando on. However, I can hear it on ‘Miniature Disasters’. Banjo on ‘Black Horse…’ and organ on ‘False Alarm’ would be nice.

    Just my 2¢…

  5. Phil

    Ooh, almost forgot: Check out Feist (songs at offical site at – Reminds me of Sade sometimes (with a little less soul) with a French lilt. ‘Mushaboom’ is particularily delightful.

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