the great escape

I’m currently jamming out to We Are Scientists‘ The Great Escape. Right now, my great escape is this weekend. It’s been a tough two weeks of more than 55+ each and I steadfastly refuse to be more productive this weekend than absolutely necessary.

I also started a packing list for our upcoming trip to the U.S. and Mexico. If you can think of stuff we neglected to mention, please reply to the thread there.

Note: now that I have figured out how to have discussions online that are relatively safe from spammy robot postings about online gambling and even less savory subjects, I’ve decided to completely do away with the various online bulletin board systems I used to try to get everyone to sign up for and use. It’s a lot easier (prettier, if I may say so) to have those online discussions right here in the ol’ Regensblog. So I won’t be pestering any of you to sign up and create membership and/or usernames and passwords anywhere anymore.