we might well be going skiing this weekend!

Just got back from a great night with our new pals Kim and Oscar and their adorable (I *must* mean it — how often do I use that word?) pugs. They offered to take us along on their ski trip to here (click that for a map). We are really excited — even Sarah, who was always leery (at best) about skiing in the U.S. They told us about some kind of deal with Esso stations that allows them to pay in dollars at military prices, so we’ll get to ride in a car (yippee!) and not have to pay European prices!

The last time I went skiing here was about a year ago, but it was really more like Mt. Holly than the Alps. The last time I tried to do an Alpy ski trip was more than a year when my mom came to visit, but it got washed out due to a horrendous cold I developed. I am really looking forward to it…just hope I can get the time off of work. And given my overtime situation lately, that should be relatively easy.

Here are the adorable pugs:

Maggie and Max Maggie and Max

One thought on “we might well be going skiing this weekend!”

  1. Tammy

    I am so jealous about the skiing and the car riding! Paying at non-European prices is an extra special bonus.

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