Vital-Family-Landgasthof Stadt Wien

The Joint

Schmittenstraße 41
A-5700 Zell am See
Phone: +43-6542 / 7620 Fax: +43-6542 / 762-51


Stadt WienWhat a great place. We traveled here with Kim and Oscar (our pals from Regensburg). It was about 3.5 or 4 hours by car from Regensburg. Since the trip was organized through Oscar’s work, there was a great discount. But even without it, we had a great time (see our pictures for proof).

The best parts, for me, were the proximity to the slopes (skiing down the hill into the hotel parking lot is a nice perk) and the included breakfasts, dinners, and apres ski snacks. I would love to go back there again.


Wow. What a fantastic place! So fabulous, we’ve been raving about it to friends ever since we went. The rooms are lovely and extremely Alpine in style. The service and amenities are extraordinary! As I wasn’t a skier when we went (neither was Kim), I got a facial and a massage while the guys were off on the slopes. The rate we paid was inclusive of breakfast and dinner, and both were exceptional. For breakfast, there’s a large buffet with fruits, yogurts, cereals, breads and eggs with several different kinds of juice, coffee and tea. Dinner replaces the buffet with a large salad bar, breads, cheese and spreads. The main meal is a choice of two or three main entrées. Everything was outstanding. Can’t recommend this place highly enough.

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  1. Cliff

    You know what? We revisited this place as a group of 3 sharing room (Sarah and my dad and me) about a year after the initial trip, and everything was just as good room-, food-, and hotel-wise.

    But it was a helluva lot more expensive without the 30-person group rate. Bear that in mind.

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