ok, honestly, we’re not eating 100% of the time…

…but we could be.

This trip, apart from visiting our much-missed friends and family members, has so far included:

  • Smokestack BBQ (man, I love their beans)
  • The Corner restaurant (Scramblefuls and Potatofuls)
  • Susie’s grilled pork tenderloins with jalapeño jelly
  • Susie’s potatoes au gratin
  • an A&W chili dog or two and a nice cold rootbeer to boot
  • Wolferman’s English muffins (the world’s best, as far as I’m concerned)
  • Pineapple-Orange juice (love it — just can’t find it anywhere in Germany!)

And yet to come are:

And we’ve even paid a visit to Costco (thanks Brian!), from which we’ll be bringing home some America-only non-perishables for our pals Harald & Evy.

We’ve come to realize that Germans do very, very well with pork. But you better save the beef for NAFTA.