the Malge and Rach are here; adios a los padres

My parents left today, leaving us with the keys to the kingdom and paradise awaits us. Today was a nice stroll down to the marina where Kim at Charter Dreams set us up with a Sierra Madre Adventure on Monday. I’m sure lots of neat pictures will result from that — be sure to check back. It’s an eight-hour trip for $75 USD; sounds like everything we could want is included.

2 thoughts on “the Malge and Rach are here; adios a los padres”

  1. Nargan

    Sierra Madre Adventure? Sounds like you guys are going all Indiana Jones-like. Don’t forget to pack your bullwhip and snake repellant.

    Say ‘Hola’ to Senor Malge and Rachel. How do you say puttanesca sauce in espanol?

    Hope you all are enjoying the natural loveliness of Mexico. I have to go shove icepacks down my pants–I’m a bit sore from getting double-booked for my futbol leagues today.

  2. Mom

    Well, sounds like your day was a blast! Check out the snorkeling day trip to Los Arcos if you have the time. It is another “everything is included and it’s all very interesting day” arrangement. And the terrain on that end of the bay is different from what you have seen on the canopy tour. You will go by several horse farms if you take the same one we did.

    Don’t forget to visit Hansens and see the family photos he took–they are beautiful.
    Say hola a todos.

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