oh man, the Sierra Madres Occidentales rocked

Check ’em out:

Valle de Banderas — this is the oldest town in the area.
puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_004 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_003 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_002 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_001 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_006

We stopped in at Doña Maria’s masa y frutas pitstop. We had excecllent homemade tacos made of stuff grown by Doña Maria. Our awesome guide Manuel showed us how boiled corn is turned into masa using volcanic rocks and the weight of your body and a scrapey, twisting action.

puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_014 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_013 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_012 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_011 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_010

Scenes from our truck and truckstop barbecue:
puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_019 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_018 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_017 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_016 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_015 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_008 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_007 puerto_vallarta_2006_sierra_madres_009

3 thoughts on “oh man, the Sierra Madres Occidentales rocked”

  1. Tammy

    Fantastic! The weather has been wonderful in Regensburg in the past coupld of days, but I think you still win the prize for beautiful location.

  2. Pops

    We really enjoyed that trip also. You had the SAME guide as we did! He was pretty knowledgeable, but semi-drunk/stoned most of the trip, or a least he sounded like it. Maybe he was trying to live up to a stereotype.

    We hope you guys are having a great time. Weather is 52 and rainy/windy today……..:(

  3. Cliff

    Yeah, that part (the Wayne’s World mannerisms) is kind of a downer. I think you’re right — he must have been putting on a show for us. I noticed that when we were talking with him away from the rest of the group, he seemed more real. Like perhaps he could tell that the four of us were more interested in what he had to say than how he said it.

    I could understand the need to distance himself from some of the idiots in our group and yet entertain them at the same time. I suppose his act serves both purposes. Still, the four of us were pleased to have him as a guide and the boozing on the trip didn’t cause any problems or even any undue stress, really.

    P.S. — we ARE having a great time. We’re going to relax today but also investigate a scuba trip. Have you had any experience with Charter Dreams? We booked our Sierra Madres trip through them and they seemed very helpful. Is it any better to go directly through Vallarta Adventures?

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