the pancake house: la casa de los hotcakes

The Joint

Basilio Badillo 289
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48380


We were here once before. I had the Swiss pancakes the first time around, which were fine, but not very exciting. I recommend you go for something more exotic. Second time around: un Waffle cajeta which was good, but also not very exciting. Rachel had the Black Forest Pancakes again, she liked them so much. The Malge opted for Cheese Blintzes this time. One of the best aspects of this place: the bottomless cup of coffee. You just don’t get that in Germany.


I loved this place both times, even more the second time. I had the chocolate-Kahlua pancakes the first visit – chocolate batter pancakes with a splash of Kahlua. They don’t look terribly impressive, but they tasted wonderful. So much so that I was a little reluctant to share. More importantly, the texture was very fluffy and very light. Because as yummy as it was, who wants to be walking around Puerto Vallarta at 88°/3000% humidity with a belly full of heavy pancakes? On the second visit, I had the Fruity Jane French Toast, which comes smothered with your choice of fresh strawberries or apple compote. I ordered the apple, but they came to the table with some of each topping (nice touch)! It was absolutely outstanding. The berries were nice, but a little tart, so I put some syrup over that half, but the cinnamon/apple compote was plenty sweet. Again, I had a difficult time sharing. The service is also wonderful – everyone is very friendly.

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