the Malge and Rach are here; adios a los padres

My parents left today, leaving us with the keys to the kingdom and paradise awaits us. Today was a nice stroll down to the marina where Kim at Charter Dreams set us up with a Sierra Madre Adventure on Monday. I’m sure lots of neat pictures will result from that — be sure to check back. It’s an eight-hour trip for $75 USD; sounds like everything we could want is included.

¡buenos dí­as de México!

Esperamos todavía al Malge y su novia Rachel, quien llegan mañana por la tarde, pero entretanto podéis ver mis fotos del tiempo hasta ahora.

Hemos nadado todos los días despues de llegar anteayer. Me quema el sol un poquito, pero (todavía) no es peligroso. Sarah tiene las pecas muy fuertes, pero no me permite sacar fotos de ella. Quizás mañana.

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Majahuitas Restaurant & Rincon Bohemio

The Joint

Basilio Badillo #331
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48380


Had the daily special, and it sure was. $150 MXN for a big filet of Mahi-Mahi in a garlic-and-oil sauce with soup or salad and a choice of dessert and coffee afterward. We were the only table there. The best part, other than the food, was our host. Very pleasant and helpful. We’d love to go back to them; maybe even later this week.


This place was pretty outstanding. There was a prix fixe menu for $150 MX. We all had the Aztec chicken soup, which was lovely with crunchy strips of fried tortilla and bits of fresh avocado. I had the other entree option, a chicken parmesan. I didn’t have the highest of hopes for this, but it was the non-fish alternative and I was rewarded for it. The chicken was very lightly breaded, the marinara-flavored sauce was pleasantly salsa-y in texture and instead of the shell of melty cheese I expect with this dish, there were crumbles of fresh Mexican farmers’ cheese. The dessert was the most wonderful creme brulee I’ve ever tasted. As Cliff mentioned, the host was very charming and answered all questions with a smile. $150 MX was a bargain.

orthonith…orlonithogi…uh…yeah, the Birds

Last night our KC pals Brian and Mikey treated us three-fold: we got a night out on the town at a local theaterYes, these are all male actors., a nifty zester/grater to save our knuckles from the ravages of our old-fashioned knuckle-buster, grater and a fantastic creamy, yummy dessert called Coeur a la Crème (or something equally fru-fru). Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me, so I was unable to snap a photo of it, but it looked really nice. I think we’re going to have to buy a heart-shaped mold and buy a lot of cream cheese after returning to Regensburg. But it looked as good as it tasted, which was simply heavenly. Think of a cloud with raspberries and a raspberry sauce and you’ll be close. I expect the recipe will be available soon in our recipes section.

Thanks guys, for a great time, great dessert, and great…uh, grater.

ok, honestly, we’re not eating 100% of the time…

…but we could be.

This trip, apart from visiting our much-missed friends and family members, has so far included:

  • Smokestack BBQ (man, I love their beans)
  • The Corner restaurant (Scramblefuls and Potatofuls)
  • Susie’s grilled pork tenderloins with jalapeño jelly
  • Susie’s potatoes au gratin
  • an A&W chili dog or two and a nice cold rootbeer to boot
  • Wolferman’s English muffins (the world’s best, as far as I’m concerned)
  • Pineapple-Orange juice (love it — just can’t find it anywhere in Germany!)

And yet to come are:

And we’ve even paid a visit to Costco (thanks Brian!), from which we’ll be bringing home some America-only non-perishables for our pals Harald & Evy.

We’ve come to realize that Germans do very, very well with pork. But you better save the beef for NAFTA.

made it to KC

Hey all,

made it to KC in one piece about an hour ago. It’s nice to be back here visiting. We didn’t manage to run into Tammy at the airport (though we looked, honest!). We’re beat, so we’re hitting the hay to prep for a big day of errands-running and peeps visiting tomorrow.

Ay-ay-ay; i.e., “ie” or “ei”?

It bugs me when English speakers get the German pronunciation of sounds made by the vowel combinations “ie” and “ei” wrong — especially those English speakers who have lots of interaction with Germans and by extension lots of opportunities to practice reading these sounds. My much more tolerant wife explained to me why this happens so often:

  1. Those sounds are not represented consistently in English (think “receive” versus “achieve”).
  2. Not everyone knows the simple rule English speakers can use to pronounce “ie” or “ei” correctly everytime.

I can’t do anything about #1, but I can help you with #2, so here goes:

The sound that the combination “ie” or “ei” will make is always the same of the English name of the 2nd letter.

Thus, the electronics conglomerate is pronounced “see-mens” and not “sigh-mens” and the intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era is prounounced “zyte-guy-st” and not “zeet geest”. Likewise, it really is “franken-styne” and not “franken-steen,” despite what Gene Wilder’s character proclaims.

why do you need to know that? OK, but guess what I know that you don’t know…

The company I work for likes to think about its potential future manager types about once per year (really, they should be thinking about them — me — all the time, right?). So they needed me to fill out a form stating what I studied, when I graduated, what languages I speak (and to what degree) and stuff. For this, they needed a picture of me and my birthdate, too. I personally am OK with this, but I think the picture requirement and birthdate would raise a couple of red flags in the States — either from potential plaintiffs who got passed over and want to cry “age discrimination!” or “ugly people discrimination!” or from the lawyers and HR-peeps who want to avoid those lawsuits.

So Sarah snapped a few shots of me (wearing a tie, no less!), one of which got embedded in the form I filled out for myself. I’m happy to comply with the request without a fuss if it means my hat gets thrown into the ring for advancement within the company…

…especially because I’m not wearing pants in any of these.