as promised, a weekday afternoon beer break

Yesterday we took a break from our sleep marathon to go get a Schnitzel (actually two, one for each of us) view of the Dom from the Fußgängerbrücke and a nice Apfelstrudel to share for dessert. Along the way, we stopped and captured this shot. Don’t worry, Moms, the sleep marathon is surely just the result of jet lag. This has been the worse we’ve ever had; granted it’s also the most extreme time-zone shift we’ve ever done. I suppose Tammy and Matthias are pros at it, though.

malge’s film pics are here

Here are just a few of my favorite pics snapped by my buddy the Malge while we were all in Puerto Vallarta together last week. He’s a film camera nut, thinking about making the jump to a digital SLR. I would have been closer to that kind of purchase, but my Medion camera went on the fritz on this trip and I needed a new point-n-shoot digital quickly for the rest of the trip. So my quest for a digital SLR has been postponed yet again.

Click on any of these thumbnails to see the whole photostream at flickr.

arrested development — it’s in the ZON

While visiting our pals Sara and Luke in K.C. earlier this month, I got acquainted with some very good things.

  1. this excellent beer — Boulevard ZON. The coriander and orange peel flavors go great together. Just loved it.
  2. Arrested Development — I caught an episode on Luke’s outstanding HDTV big ol’ widescreen thinger and thought to myself, “that’s funny stuff, and something I’ll never see in Germany.” So, I bought the DVD of the first season at a local FYE while killing some time while Sarah was visiting Joey at Sephora. Good stuff. Really, really, good stuff.

If only I could enjoy them simultaneously. Oh well, tomorrow’s a holiday, and I plan to spend a least a little time outdoors enjoying something a little more local. On a Monday. In the middle of the day. Oh yeah, lovin’ the May Day.