arrested development — it’s in the ZON

While visiting our pals Sara and Luke in K.C. earlier this month, I got acquainted with some very good things.

  1. this excellent beer — Boulevard ZON. The coriander and orange peel flavors go great together. Just loved it.
  2. Arrested Development — I caught an episode on Luke’s outstanding HDTV big ol’ widescreen thinger and thought to myself, “that’s funny stuff, and something I’ll never see in Germany.” So, I bought the DVD of the first season at a local FYE while killing some time while Sarah was visiting Joey at Sephora. Good stuff. Really, really, good stuff.

If only I could enjoy them simultaneously. Oh well, tomorrow’s a holiday, and I plan to spend a least a little time outdoors enjoying something a little more local. On a Monday. In the middle of the day. Oh yeah, lovin’ the May Day.

What's your take on it?

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