as promised, a weekday afternoon beer break

Yesterday we took a break from our sleep marathon to go get a Schnitzel (actually two, one for each of us) view of the Dom from the Fußgängerbrücke and a nice Apfelstrudel to share for dessert. Along the way, we stopped and captured this shot. Don’t worry, Moms, the sleep marathon is surely just the result of jet lag. This has been the worse we’ve ever had; granted it’s also the most extreme time-zone shift we’ve ever done. I suppose Tammy and Matthias are pros at it, though.

2 thoughts on “as promised, a weekday afternoon beer break”

  1. malge

    that’s a gorgeous shot…the little police camera’s turning out to be a good choice :)

  2. Tammy

    I am a pro at jetlag if you consider sleeping for 14 hours straight upon my return being a pro.
    I’ve only found 3 helpful tricks to fight the jet lag. Excersise, eat at the normal meal times in the place where your feet are, and, the most effective, strong yoga practices the day of your arrival. The latter killed my jetlag in 1 day. Of course, mostly I just want to sleep all day long for about a week, so that usually ruins all three of those tactics.

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