we’re going on vacation…again!

150672376_4bb04121fd_o You know what the hardest part about working in Germany is? That’s right — the **working.** There was so much stuff that I had to catch up on after our three-week jaunt back to North America last month, that I’m all burnt out, and more importantly, my overtime bank is bursting at the seams. Fortunately, the Bavarian state holiday system (in collaboration with the Catholic church) provides well for our physical and emotional well-being. Thursday of this week is the Feast of the Ascension and you know what that means…bridge day!

Sarah’s mom Susie gave us a set of Frommer’s books for Christmas a while back and we’ve now managed to make very good use of all but two one of them. So I guess Ireland will have to wait until I need to recover from the work overload resulting from this hopefully relaxing jaunt in a rented car through the Swiss Alps to the wine regions of France.

Au revoir!