eurovision — seriously, these people mean it

OK, where have we been for the last two years!? How have we missed the Eurovision song contest?

This stuff is **incredibly** bad.


**Lithuania — the Stuart Smalleys of the semi-finals** We are the winners of Eurovision
We are, we are! We are, we are!
We are the winners of Eurovision
We are, we are! We are, we are!

So, you gotta vote,
Vote, vote for the winners
Vote, vote, vote for the winners

We are the winners of Eurovision
(de Vilnius city a Paris)
(LT United ici)
We are the winners of Eurovision
(chantons la meme chanson)
(‘cos we got it goin’ on)

06_iceland_2006_right **Iceland’s entry got booed through-out — with good reason.**
(phone – conversation)
Hello is it god?
What’s up dog?
It’s your favourite person in the world Silvia Night
I’m saving the world
See you…bye

So congratulations I have arrived
I’m Silvia Night and I’m shining so bright
Eurovision nation your dreams will come true
You’ve been waiting forever
For me to save you
Wham bam boom

dima No lyrics necessary, just look at that fine Russian mullet.

and who could forget Lordi from Finland?

you know you’re getting old…

…when you buy a Paul Anka album, and you *like it*.

OK, to be fair, they’re not really Paul Anka songs. If you’ve got iTunes, try this one on for size. We first heard a few songs off this album yesterday at Exil (our favorite Kurdish restaurant, for the uninitiated), and Sarah had to hit me a couple of times to knock the lounge crescendo and vibrato out of me. Good thing we were the only ones in the restaurant.

rock swings

It’s been a difficult week…2 weeks even (sorry guys, that’s why I haven’t written much). Sarah’s been sick pretty much since we got back from Puerto Vallarta. At first, I thought it was simply jet lag and withdrawal (who could blame her?), and then perhaps her allergies making themselves known in the face of a pollen onslaught. But even on rainier days she has a terrible cough that has recently become…productive. So she went to the doctor yesterday and got herself a diagnosis and some antibiotics. We should have this thing beat within 5 days.

My membranes are all behaving themselves (like they usually do), but my projects at work are not. I’m in the extreme upper range of allowable overtime hours. You can’t accrue indefinitely, but you can at least count on getting comp time or the hours paid out up to a certain limit. Pretty soon, if I don’t take some comp time or get paid for some of those hours, the company will just refuse to acknowledge any work I do over my 8-hour per day contract. Going on vacation for 3 weeks is great — don’t get me wrong — but the hassle associated with coming back afterwards is daunting.

it’s that time of year again…

Photo credits: our pal Natasha.

…where the Germans strip down to a scant four layers of clothing (*ach, Du lieber!*) and optionally lose the scarf in the afternoon (but only if it’s sunny). Safety note: should the sun disappear behind a cloud for more than a few seconds, blankets for ensuring patrons’ outdoor comfort are available (look beyond Sarah’s right shoulder). Yes, we’re talking about the magical reappearance of the outdoor cafe. We *Amis* are also beneficiaries of the return of the nice weather. Look how happy Sarah is to enjoy her Schokolade Roma at Cafe Kaminski outdoors now!

as promised, a weekday afternoon beer break

Yesterday we took a break from our sleep marathon to go get a Schnitzel (actually two, one for each of us) view of the Dom from the Fußgängerbrücke and a nice Apfelstrudel to share for dessert. Along the way, we stopped and captured this shot. Don’t worry, Moms, the sleep marathon is surely just the result of jet lag. This has been the worse we’ve ever had; granted it’s also the most extreme time-zone shift we’ve ever done. I suppose Tammy and Matthias are pros at it, though.

malge’s film pics are here

Here are just a few of my favorite pics snapped by my buddy the Malge while we were all in Puerto Vallarta together last week. He’s a film camera nut, thinking about making the jump to a digital SLR. I would have been closer to that kind of purchase, but my Medion camera went on the fritz on this trip and I needed a new point-n-shoot digital quickly for the rest of the trip. So my quest for a digital SLR has been postponed yet again.

Click on any of these thumbnails to see the whole photostream at flickr.

arrested development — it’s in the ZON

While visiting our pals Sara and Luke in K.C. earlier this month, I got acquainted with some very good things.

  1. this excellent beer — Boulevard ZON. The coriander and orange peel flavors go great together. Just loved it.
  2. Arrested Development — I caught an episode on Luke’s outstanding HDTV big ol’ widescreen thinger and thought to myself, “that’s funny stuff, and something I’ll never see in Germany.” So, I bought the DVD of the first season at a local FYE while killing some time while Sarah was visiting Joey at Sephora. Good stuff. Really, really, good stuff.

If only I could enjoy them simultaneously. Oh well, tomorrow’s a holiday, and I plan to spend a least a little time outdoors enjoying something a little more local. On a Monday. In the middle of the day. Oh yeah, lovin’ the May Day.