construction update

fire_escape_plus_flowers.jpg I don’t know if this is kosher, but now that we’ve got a fire escape out through the window in our shower, and the sister apartment on the other side of the building does too, I noticed today that they’re using it as planter shelf. I’d consider that, if only I were sure it wouldn’t incur the wrath of the fire department who required it in the first place.

schnupftabak_fabrik_20050827.JPG In other news, check out the progress on the old snuff tobacco factory across the way from us. The pic on the left was taken on August 27, 2005 and the one on the right was taken today. It’s looking a lot nicer! schnupftabak_fabrik_progress.JPGHowever, I was saddened to see that the pretty new coat of yellow paint has already been marred with graffiti. I **hate** that! What freaking idiots are compelled to do that to a brand new renovation of an ancient building?! Beyond that, my aggravation at their senseless vandalism makes me feel old, and I chalk that up to them, too.