Germany celebrates (another) victory over Poland, and we (grudingly) participated

alte_linde_fronleichnamToday is the holiday of another World Cup victory for Germany Fronleichnam (sometimes jokingly called “Happy Cadaver” by many Germans, known by the Latin name “Corpus Christi” to English- and Latin-speaking Catholics). The victory last night over Poland must have been a coincidence. Either way, the fans’ jubilation and the general up-whoopings that occur the night before a state holiday led to a pretty loud night.

To add insult to injury, it’s getting mighty warm around here and we absolutely needed the windows open. Oh well. We pampered ourselves by sleeping in, and taking a stroll over to one of our favorite Biergärten for lunch. It’s on an island in the middle of the river and offers a great view of the old city.

Tomorrow’s going to be a very quiet day (with any luck) in the office for me, since just about everyone will have taken that Friday as a Brückentag (“bridge day”) leading them over the unpleasantries of a real work week directly from the religious holiday endorsed by the state into weekend bliss.