herzlichen glückwunsch zum geburtstag, Natasha!

Had a great evening tonight with our pals the Lees and our new pals Jutta and Jan (first picture). Natasha and Tommy provided a virtual smorgasbord (second picture) of barbecue and grilled meats and vegetables and three wonderful salads (Sarah wants the recipe for the goat cheese one, please!). There were three or four digital cameras in play all throughout the evening (third picture), which means those posing were often unsure where to look (fourth picture). Michael was showing support for the German World Cup team; his hair is normally a bit more traditional.

natashas_geburtstag_2006_001_1024.jpg natashas_geburtstag_2006_009_1024.jpg natashas_geburtstag_2006_010_1024.jpg natashas_geburtstag_2006_015_1024.jpg

Big thanks to Jutta in advance for jotting down the recipe to her Strawberry Tiramisu…that was lovely.

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  1. Natasha


    thanks again! The salad recipe is very easy and I promise to give it to you…not like Tommy gave you pulgogi recipe.:) I’m sure we will have more parties like that. The next one will probably be with an Italian touch: tuna spagetti with tomato sauce and marinated eggplants. Can’t promise Italian dessert, only “Opera” Konditorei specialties:).

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