Fußball Fieber

Oh man, the drunkies are going to be at it all night tonight.

I took a large part of the afternoon off today after getting frustrated at work with my internal and external service providers and chilled out at one of our favorite local Biergärten called “Alte Linde.” Sarah and I staked out a table in view of one of several TVs set up specifically for viewing Germany’s World Cup game today against Argentina. Here are the pics and a video showing the crowd’s reaction to a German goal.

STA70398.JPG STA70409.JPG

2 thoughts on “Fußball Fieber”

  1. H-bomb

    Thats pretty sweet, dude…I was at P.F. Changs at Somerset and even that place erupted. Seems quite a few of the cooks and busboys are from Europe. Its riveting television over on this side of the pond if you are a watcher of ESPN2. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t watched any kind of soccer since the Dodge Neon played at the Palace.

    Have a great one and give our love to sweet Sarah…


  2. tellingtime

    I like the guy (or girl) who gave everyone the finger at the tail end of that video.

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