ugh…my ears hurt again

Remember how happy I was earlier this week to jam out to good tunes and great food?

Forget all that.

This weekend is the Gassenfest. I don’t know how often it occurs, but let’s pray it’s only once a decade or something. It’s loud and bad for listening to anything (iTunes, TV, other people in the room, etc.). It’s like a little bitty Oktoberfest with the scope of just our little section of downtown (Regierungsviertel, or “Government quarter” — our neighborhood backs up to to square with some local government offices on it).

Honky Tonk Woman, Cocaine, Summer of ’69, U2’s One, and of course Proud Mary…all performed by wonderfully inept musicians obviously devoid of any sense of shame. If we keep all the windows shut, we’ll drown in our own sweat. If we keep the windows open much longer, we’ll go insane.

It’s a tough choice.

In other news, my very first privately-owned laptop arrived in the mail today and I wrote this post using it. I still have a lot of tweaking to do, but the basic functionality is there. Had to use ndiswrapper to get the WLAN working, but I got used to all of the painful parts of that with my desktop computer. Next up: I’ve got to get video drivers from working, with the hope that I’ll be able to take advantage of thix WXGA display (1280×800) instead of a crappy, distorted 1024×768 stretched over a screen designed for 1280×800).