big switcheroo on Ye Olde Website

Earlier this year, got sold to Someone Else. Someone Else didn’t want to continue hosting my website, so they turned me over to Bummer. Two big security holes exposed inside of 10 days.

When you’re running a website supporting thousands of users (it’s the low thousands, but hey, it’s more than 2 thousand!), many of whom are more into paper than monitors, it’s important to provide them with a reasonably secure browsing environment. just couldn’t do that for me.

So, this morning, I put in my cancellation request. I transferred the wishes from to This was a project I’d been working on for months, but I decided to take the plunge sooner rather than later given ‘s tendency to let my site get hacked by “spykids” or some site in Brazil that wants all my users to download some kind of scary-looking executable file called zip.scr. Gosh, I hope no one actually did that.

Looks like the Regensblog has just become our primary home on the web. Eventually, I’ll move onto NearlyFreeSpeech‘s hosting platform for backward compatibility and continued email reception at that domain as well.