fest fest fest fest fest fest fest

It’s the weekend! In Regensburg! In Summer! What’s that mean?

That’s right, another fest. This time, it’s Bayerisches Jazz Weekend. Directly upon exiting the office doors on Thursday evening, I was greeted by the bebop of a piano/bass/drums trio as I headed across the Piazza toward the bus stop.

On Friday evening, the usual festy spots were packed with sound stages and beer tents and street food vendors. But Bismarckplatz was *really* hopping. We met Tammy & the Lees there before heading to the *Volkssternwarte* to check out some cosmic stuff.

For a change of pace, Sarah and I are headed this evening to Laaber for…a fest. But maybe it’ll have a different feel — an even-smaller-town flavor.

What's your take on it?

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