It’s Friday; why no Fest?*

I am actually surprised that I’m not hearing street musicians or the feedback shrieks from mics and amps at hastily set up band pavillions or parades of people going past (although that typically happens on Saturday mornings). Thank goodness another nearby town, Bad Abbach, is having their own Bürgerfest.

In other news, this has been another killer week with lots of overtime. I keep going in early and staying late (just one or the other! Not both!). I plan on relaxing this weekend by working on the revamped wish list site some more and chilling out to Lily Allen (just bought her CD on iTunes). She does the “I’m kinda bored with these sweet harmonies” thing really well — as Sarah pointed out, most people sound like they’re covering up a lack of talent by doing that — and Sarah and I have had fun detecting various influences. I think I’m hearing a lot of Gorillaz and some old friends from the early 90’s in there such as Spin Doctors and the Stone Roses. The expletives (be warned Mom, there are quite a few, and they’re British) are kind of a treat, because I just don’t expect them woven into such happy little melodies or from that pleasant voice. Also, we’re digging this band Fotos from Hamburg. They kind of remind us of German Strokes.** Check out this video:

Maybe we’ll head out to IKEA and come back with one of these in tow. We’ve lived here a couple of years now and I’ve stil got a big mess of cables where our ISDN phone line connects to our DSL modem and WLAN router.

*Chico: why no study?

**”Now ze wulled don’t moof, to ze beet uff chuss one drahm…”