two completely unrelated short notes to mention

If you ever go into a *Bioladen* (health food store) and buy a bottle of milk — even if it’s just out of convenience — make absolutely sure to check whether that milk is homogenized or not. Sarah needed some milk quickly last week and ran to the nearest grocery store, which is actually a *Bioladen* and picked up a liter of milk without checking. Later, when I was sitting down to enjoy some brownies she made and a nice big swig out of the bottle (I was planning on drinking it all, don’t worry), I got a nasty surprise in the form of many milk chunklets. I nearly retched, but I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t taste spoiled. Then I read the label on the back of the bottle.

I’ve resurrected a couple old features on the []( “my add-on site for BookCrossers”) site. You can now sort a user’s wish list by date, author, or title and have that list displayed in an easy-to-print and easier-to-read format. Next up: doing the same thing for wish list search results. And self-registration (gotta get that working) and password changes. Those are going to be a little trickier, because I want to guarantee that no user signs up on my site who doesn’t have an identical BookCrossing user name (this has caused hassles in the past). Other features new and old yet to come (back) are interactivity with and (provided those sites’ maintainers still want to connect them with the wish list site).