looking at Ireland for a Septembery getaway

June, July and August have been giving me a beating at work. In mid-September, Emperor Popatine is scheduled for a hometown visit to Regensburg, and frankly, I just don’t want to be around when 250k additional people are hogging up my fair city.

That would be a great time for a trip to Ireland, a country neither of us has yet visited (note: we were planning on doing this in August, the traditional Bavarian Month of Vacation, but obligations at the office nixed that). It might not even have to cost very much. Check out this cost breakdown:

Train to Frankfurt/Hahn € 141
Roundtrip flight Frankfurt/Hahn to Shannon on a [ryanair.com](http://www.bookryanair.com) webfare 70
Car rental – Opel Corsa from Sixt/Shannon Int’l 142
[Abbey Villa](http://www.abbeyvilla.net/) in Adare – 4 nights 280
€ 633

Not bad, really. We are also looking at Galway at places like [Devondell](http://www.iol.ie/~devondel/) and [Knockrea](http://www.galway.net/pages/knockrea/) and [Roncalli House](http://www.roncallihouse.com/). Anyone with experiences to share in Ireland’s Counties Limerick and/or Clare — please leave a comment!