sick cake

Any nauseated people needing a slice of cake, feel free to let us know. We’ve got you covered.

We wanted to accomplish several goals here, and may have succeeded in none of them (our only hope: it tastes OK).

    Our goals:

  1. We had some frozen strawberries we needed to use up.
  2. We had yet to use a 9″ round silcone cake pan we’d bought in April in K.C.
  3. It’s cake (well, it was supposed to be)! That’s reason enough itself!
  4. We wanted to try our collective hand at a layer cake, foolishly believing we’d garnered the experience and the equipment to tackle such a dessert.
    Our urpy-looking results:

  1. Our oven slopes, apparently. This is not a terribly big deal for single-layer baked goods, because it also heats somewhat unevenly and necessitates a midway rotation for just about everything. But if you want to stack cakes, a level surface is pretty important. We even tried offsetting our layers against each other to no avail.
  2. We were going for a cake like this one, but when we realized we’d need to refrigerate uneaten portions, we had to ditch that plan. We just don’t have the fridge space.
  3. We adapted a recipe from our old standby reference for the frosting, but the extra moisture from the strawberries made it look like flash-flooding from a chunderstorm.

Maybe it’ll harden up over night and appear like we meant it to look that way (except for the slant — there’s hope there).

Morning-After Update:
It did in fact firm up overnight some, and it actually tastes pretty good. Still looks like someone won the daiquiri contest, though.

4 thoughts on “sick cake”

  1. Carrie

    No prob, Bob. I made a cake to experiment with fondant and mine was a little… lopsided, if you will. I called it my Great Big Mistake Cake. Everyone has one once in a while. Unfortunately layer cakes are not my calling. Hope your strawberry cake was very, very edible. PS (or should I say PSA): Shelf-bought fondant icing is GROSS. I do not recommend it.

  2. Nargan

    Carrie’s ‘Undersea Cake’ was also not 100% symmetrical from top to bottom but was of the ‘Yum’ variety, while this more recent shelf-fondant cake was not so much. Fondant icing reminds me of my wee years when I would make culinary experiments with Elmer’s Paste, only fondant doesn’t have those pleasant minty undertones.

    By the way, I am off today and manana from work, so I’ll try to drop you and Sarah a line. (I tried a little while ago to Skype you, but I think you weren’t logged in.

    Speaking of culinary experiments, it’s up to me to make dinner tonight out of whitefish. Better comb some recipes out of our cookbook collection — otherwise our meal might be ‘sub-wermp’.


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