warning: extremely geeky joke here

If you don’t get this, consider yourself safe. If you do get this, chuckle along with me.


It was posted on ISCABBS today.

4 thoughts on “warning: extremely geeky joke here”

  1. Tammy

    I don’t get it, and I don’t get how my ‘nerd’ score could possibly be higher than yours!

  2. Brian

    /me groans.

  3. Mom

    I don’t get it either. Please explain and get me past the feeling dumb stage I’m in now. Hope to talk to you on Sunday, if it’s convenient.

  4. Cliff

    OK, it’s a Linux/Unix thing.

    Linux doesn’t let just anyone perform all commands. Commands considered too powerful or potentially destructive for the average user to execute are limited to the superuser (su). If you try to do a command one of those commands, Linux will complain that you are not authorized for it.

    However, if you prefix the command with “sudo,” as in “do this as the superuser,” Linux will happily perform whatever you wish.

What's your take on it?

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