glad sarah dragged my butt out tha house today

I was getting into my usual weekend groove of, well, *working*, when Sarah insisted I accompany her for a stroll outside for some fresh air and people-watching. Turns out there were plenty of people (given the weather and the papal visit on Tuesday, I’m not surprised), but the people-watching wasn’t all that exciting. Still, it was nice to see the Cathedral without its scaffolding on one or the other of the spires. Here are some of my favorites of the pics we snapped:

at the Dult with Tammy, Matthias, Sarah and CliffAlso, cruising Tammy’s blog today, I found her shots of Matthias, Sarah and me at the Regensburger Dult. I thought it was pretty cute shot of everyone but me, but that’s owing as much to the 2nd liter of Weißbier I was about to start as anything else (such as bad luck with the camera).

We miss you Tammy! We really, really, really hope it works out with your visit “home” to Regensburg in November and my sister and Max’s visit the same week such that they can meet your or at least we get the chance to see you and hear how you’re influencing science policy for the rest of the nation.