travel jonesin’ some more

So this is going to be a very travelly Fall for us. We’re looking forward to that after having not traveled pretty much at all since [our roadtrip in May]( “France isn’t such a stuck-up place after all”).

    We’ve got

  • Mikey in the headlightsa visit from Brian and Mikey from K.C. coming up at the end of the this month, in which we’ll do a small roadtrip down to Innsbruck, Austria and continue on to Lake Garda, Italy
  • click it for a big ol' imageNate and Carrie’s wedding to attend in Michigan in October
  • Carolyn and Max’s trip over Thanksgiving week, in which we’ll train it to Salzburg, catch the Sound of Music Tour, train it further on to Vienna, hang out there a couple of nights, and fly back to Nuremberg on AirBerlin.

But that’s not really enough, is it? There are **four** months left in this year, and we’ve only got trips planned for **three** of them. What a *Schande!* Plus, I got a mandate from my boss earlier this month to chop down my overtime hours as much as possible by end the end of the year.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for a 10-day cruise in December. Check these details out:

Can you think of any reason not to do this? Price seems great, destinations seem nice. The only possible snag might be getting to and from Savona, Italy, but I figure we could train it (overnight) or fly to Genoa or maybe even fly it one way and train it the other way. Seems too good to pass up.