United Airlines — please don’t even bother with them anymore

Brian and Mikey arrived today from K.C. safely, but annoyedly. And who could blame them? Dagnabit United Airlines delayed their flights, causing them to miss connections, and then — on top of all of that — lost their luggage. That’s why Sarah and I spent most of the day at the airport waiting for them. We weren’t really sure when they were going to get here, or on which airline, or from which connecting city. And without that information, you’re screwed: the airlines can’t tell you *anything* about the people on their planes, so if you want any info, you have to ask about specific flight numbers, or flights originating in various cities, etc. — all that stuff we didn’t have and Brian and Mikey couldn’t provide to use while they were underway. So we spent all day hanging around the Munich airport’s arrival areas, hoping to bump into them. Not fun.

Our long-standing agreement with our guests is:
We’ll happily come pick you up at the airport if you come to visit us, provided the airport is Nuremburg or Munich (you’re on your own with Frankfurt). Today’s addition to this is:
If you are flying in on United, or United is involved in any part of your trip, good luck. We’ll see you in Regensburg.

But at least we got to go to Exil: