whew…what a week

I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. I’ve been totally swamped at work.

The great thing about vacations is, you have something to work toward.
That “unghnghnghngngnghhhh…just a couple more days…” thing, like when you’re trying to convince your body to stay on the machine for 40 minutes for a change instead of just hitting the 30 minute mark and collapsing, does help you pull through and turn out some amazing stuff right before you head out of the office and disconnect from the VPN for a solid week or more.

The lousy thing about vacations: all the stuff you have to get done before you leave.
Won’t Friday ever arrive? Even though it’s tomorrow, and we depart **early** on Sunday morning, I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll be working Saturday evening, making sure the final, last-minute, “wait — just one more thing before you go and you absolutely gotta do this for us because it can’t wait until you get back into German airspace” code tweaks and database extractions are done.

The other lousy thing about vacations is, all the stuff you’ll have waiting for you when you get back.How does the company manage to stay afloat at all while you’re gone? Given the amount of email waiting for you when you get back, you’d expect to have been bought, sold, outsourced, rehired, and merged with the competition several times over. Despite all the stuff you did prior to departure.

The bad news: it’ll be great to visit everyone in the Detroit area, but we have no plans for R&R once we get there. No sirreee, this is going to be a very packed itinerary.