The Joint

Shogun Japanese Steak House
37750 VAN DYKE
Phone: +1 (586) 268-4882

This was my first time at a Japanese steak house. I had one of the combos our pal Heather recommended (filet and scallops, I think). I liked all the extra grilled stuff (fried rice, grilled vegetables, etc.) that came with the meal along the way. But I am sure glad that she treated us that night (thanks again Heather!); I am sure those prices would have kept me away otherwise. It was definitely cool to watch our meal being cooked right in front of us, and it tasted great too, but I’d just as soon not watch the preparation and pay a smaller price.

Again, good food and interesting to watch, but if you have to pay for it yourself, probably not worth it in my opinion.

This in no way detracts from my gratitude toward Heather for taking us out and (finally) giving us a chance to shoot the breeze with her!

What's your take on it?

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