Howe’s Bayou

The Joint

22848 Woodward Ave
Ferndale, MI 48220
Phone: 248-691-7145


Ahh, Howe’s. For me, this is one of the culinary pleasures of returning to the Detroit area for a visit. We used to live pretty much around the corner from it, so my high esteem for the place might be tainted with nostalgia. Seems like the Metro Times doesn’t share my appreciation, but that’s OK with me. I know what I like from them, and it’s the Atchafalaya chicken (chicken breast with a wonderful rub of, among other things, cardamom on a bed of rice and corn and peppers, a.k.a., maque choux). They also have a nice selection of beers — some local (to New Orleans, because after all, this is a cajun joint), and some international.

And who (besides Nargan, I guess) could turn down the jalapeño corn bread? This place will stay one of my favorites.


Missing Howe’s is what drove me to learn to cook Cajun (and import ingredients that the Germans don’t bother with). I was a red-beans-and-rice aficionada, branching out into jambalaya with the occasional po’ boy. Unfortunately, upon returning to Howe’s, I find I prefer my own versions of my favorites now! But their cornbread and baked mac’n’cheese are still favorites.