jet lag getting you down? it’s (still) getting me up.

We’ve been here in Michigan for 5 days down, visiting the peeps and prepping for Narg ‘n Carrie’s wedding (Holy Cats! Holy Crow! Holy…Matrimony! « Burgansburg), and except for yesterday, when I slept in to a decadent half-past-nine, I have not failed to wake before 6 all this week. Looks like Tammy & Matthias are having some trouble like that of their own.

Oh, there goes Carolyn’s snooze alarm again — sounds like the classical music radio station from Windsor.

We spent the first half of the trip mostly over on the East side staying with my parents (thanks guys!) and the recap so far looks like this:

  • Got in on Sunday
  • Had a nice dinner with my mom’s family
  • Got some shopping in at Costco with my dad on Monday, doing what he calls “sample surfing” (saves money on lunch)
  • Caught up with Heather at Shogun
  • Did my homework for Mom & Natalie’s class presentations
  • Got our shopping on at Lakeside, Great Lakes Crossing, and Somerset (everyday wear plus formalwear for Sarah for the ceremony
  • Tried out Grapeleaves at Mariam’s suggestion (she works with me in Regensburg) with Carolyn and Max
  • Checked out Carolyn’s house — it’s really cute and surprisingly roomy!
  • Caught up on wedding and general stuff with Narg and Carrie just last night and met Fluffernutter and got cool presents (mmm, Pop Tarts and books) and revisited my friends the Atchafalaya and maque choux at Howe’s Bayou
    Yet to come:

  • Haircut
  • Tux fitting
  • visit with Gram & Stevensons
  • a Cuban restaurant my parents are jazzed up about
  • a Burgan-LaMay breakfast
  • the rehearsal
  • the rehearsal dinner
  • the co-ed bachelor party
  • the wedding
  • a date with Sam and Andrea (might have to reschedule that…sorry dudes)?
  • Chow with more family (mmm, chicken & dumplings!)

So far, it’s been pretty low-stress and yet high-activity.

5 thoughts on “jet lag getting you down? it’s (still) getting me up.”

  1. H-Bizzle

    Dude…I know what you mean about Shogun prices. But its half the price at lunch. Of course, you don’t get the ginger salad and the sprouts, but I can totally do without them. Thanks again for having dinner with us. I hope a good time was had by all.


  2. Carolyn

    You were up this morning when I was getting ready to go? Sheesh! I tried to be quiet and made sure to shut off my alarm…sorry

  3. Cliff

    Oh, I was up before you were. No worries about the alarm clock or any other noise. It’s just my bodily clock still somewhat confused.

  4. Cliff

    No question! We had a great time with you and Matt.

    P.S. – keep talking to us about cruises.

  5. Carrie

    We appreciate you two. :-)

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