we’re back — and we’re sleepy

Hi all,

We got in to Amsterdam very early this morning about 45 minutes early. We were slightly confused about our boarding passes for the next flight (AMS to MUC) so we went to the transfer desk and the lady there was very nice, offering to put us in a couple seats next to each other. Sarah had a killer headache, undoubtedly due to crummy airplane air and lack of hydration and a clerk at one of those Duty Free Guilty Pleasure Emporium (smokes! booze! expensive perfumes!) places kindly directed us to a (somewhat hidden) pharmacy a few hundred yards away. And when we got there, the clerk there was also quite helpful.

Germans — and even Americans — could learn quite a bit from the Dutch (at least the ones at the airport) regarding customer service.

Anyhoo, we finally rolled into Regensburg between 11 and 12 this morning and promptly stretched ourselves out in bed…and stayed there for at least 6 hours. Surprisingly, I almost didn’t sleep at all on the long flight (DTW-AMS), but we both were completely unconscious for the shorter one (AMS-MUC). While I was up all night on the longer one, I compiled this list of “Best-Of”s for the trip (in no particular order). Visiting family and of course the wedding ceremony go without saying here.

  • My groomsman’s pocket watch — thanks C&N!
    • Dinner on Northwest (headed to AMS)

    • chicken breast — very moist!
    • green beans — extremely fresh-tasting
    • mashed potatoes
    • minty chocolate cookies
  • — if you’re a wordgame or trivia junkie, and especially if you like NPR to help you get your fix, you should see this movie. We watched it in-flight. (Gotta love the on-demand, especially if you’ve got a hankering to see Cornelius*)

    • Shooting the breeze with and/or meeting the wives (finally!) of

    • Kurt
    • Flip
    • Chico
    • Sam
    • J. Bonns
    • Matt Miller
    • Chris Santiago

    at Narg & Carrie’s wedding

  • Finally meeting Max
  • Getting the scoop on Heather
  • Old Navy Outlet! I got a bunch of new summer clothes all marked down to ridiculous prices. Sure, I won’t be able to wear those shorts comfortably until the Spring, but the prices were unbeatable.
  • Last but certainly not least: hearing my Aunt Julie sing the praises of Japanese toilets

Ugh, now I’m hungry, but Sarah’s still asleep. I think I’ll go get us a couple of these:

5 thoughts on “we’re back — and we’re sleepy”

  1. Mom

    Glad you had a safe trip! We will miss you here. I agree, the Dutch at the airport were remarkably kind as I trespassed the wrong way through Customs, trying to get snow blades into checked luggage. I expected to get a good hollering, and instead got good directions and an escort for part of the way.
    I am using the Ginger Cake as a coffee break snack. Thank you again for bringing it.
    I hope we get to see photos soon.

  2. Cliff

    Bad news about the pictures: we are going to have to wait until Carrie & Nate’s professional pictures are available or other people who took pictures at the reception share theirs with ours. I goofed and forgot to bring my spare set of batteries for the camera when changing into my tux on Sunday morning and we didn’t have a chance to buy any on the way. Sarah couldn’t even get one picture off before the thing died on her. Sorry.

  3. TC

    You enjoyed a meal on NWA ?
    You really need to raise your standards.

  4. Cliff

    Believe me, it surprised the heck out of us, too!

  5. A Julie

    Enjoyed the Regensblog. Trust me…the Japanese toilets are quite amazing!

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