Matthias’ Tips for Living in the U.S.

We had a nice dinner with Matthias tonight at our favorite restaurant in Regensburg – Exil. On the way back after stopping off for ice cream and espresso (bummer that our favorite ice cream place closes up shop for the winter!), he revealed two secrets to American life to us:

  1. When you’re in line at Starbucks, pay attention to what the guy ahead of you orders. If they’re out of it, they’ll make him fresh batch and offer it to him for free to thank him for his loyalty and patience. Then you just order the same thing and they’ll give it to you for free as well; after all, they have to treat all their customers the same way.
  2. When you need to reschedule a flight you’ve already booked, call up the airline, but never accept their first offer to re-book. The first offer Matthias got on a recent re-booking request was something like $200. He told them he’d think about it. When he called back a couple days later, it was free to re-book.

Maybe I could develop this into a regular feature here on the ol’ Regensblog.

What's your take on it?

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