Hotel Unirea

The Joint

Piaţa Unirii
Street No. 5 Code 700056
Iaşi, România
Phone: +40-(0)232-20.50.00 Fax: +40-(0)232-20.50.26

This is a great hotel. I’ve stayed here twice now. It’s beautiful inside, and as beautiful outside as can be expected, I guess. My only suggestion for improvement would be to make the non-smoking section of the mezzanine (breakfast room) larger. Romanians love them some tobacco — almost as much as the Viennese, it would seem!

7 days, 6 flights

  1. On Thursday night last week, I departed for Paris.
  2. On Friday evening, I headed home to Regensburg.
  3. On the following Sunday evening, I departed again for Timisoara, Romania.
  4. On Monday evening, I departed Timisoara for Iasi, Romania.
  5. Early Wednesday morning, I’ll depart Iasi for Timisoara.
  6. A little later Wednesday morning, I’ll depart Timisoara for Munich.

And then I get to back to work for a day and a half before heading into vacation. I am already pretty tired of traveling though, and I’m only two-thirds through it!